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SACE Headstart Testimonials

AEC Headstart at St Mary's College:

"Very informative, in an easy to understand form." Karen

"I am so confident now. I don't think I would have been feeling this way if it wasn't for these seminars." Cherie

"If you want a good mark for year 12 go to AEC." Henry

"Excellent seminars. I found them to be worth while. I couldn't have done it with out it." Sarah

"The seminars are extremely useful going into Year 12 and really do give you a Headstart to the year". B. Benassi

"Excellent teachers - glad I made the effort." L. McKee

"It was informative and covered necessary topics well. Easy to understand language. Would come back again, worth it. Recommend it for everyone." Amy R.

"It was a great seminar and I learnt a lot about the topics coming up in the year. It exceeded my expectations. The seminar was great. The powerpoint used clarified the ideas which he was trying to present." Ned N.

"Everything far exceeded expectations." M. May 

"How much would you pay for an advantage? This is well worth it." Corey B.

"Excellent for revision of Stage 1 and prepares you for year 12." Dione J. 

"The Legal Studies seminar was very useful. It went through each topic thoroughly and covered all areas." Brittany 

"I thought we were only going to take notes, but we actually got to use the information given to us on some example questions, which was fun." Bradley I.

"The booklet we were given is extremely useful." Donelle S.

"This was extremely beneficial to me and I feel very ready to get back into Psychology at school." Maddison R.

"Learning from a different individual can make all the difference in understanding throughout the year." Brittany C.

"An enjoyable and very productive experience!" Rasa B.

"I expected this seminar to further develop the skills I had gained the previous year and that it did." Cameron M.

"Yes, it has made me more aware as to what we will be doing in year 12 and has started it off. Good to refresh the 
brain after summer holidays and start the year 12 courses." Name not supplied.

"It covered all of the fields / topics for the course, and the handouts were great." S. Uzelac

"Lived up to expectations. Really useful, gave a lot of clarity on things. Helped to get me motivated for the coming year." R. Cox

"Very helpful, great for a headstart." D. Valana

"Materials handed out were very relevant and useful for future reference. It was comforting to go back to school knowing that I have a head start. Thanks to AEC seminars." G. Lee

"Terry was a very motivated teacher and covered the topics really well. The seminar was very helpful and enjoyable. For all levels!" C. Noonan

"I found the programme to be very useful. A great way to prepare yourself for your most important year of schooling." C. Pendini

"The seminar was a great experience and the seminar leader was very good as he explained the ideas claerly and simplified topics to our understanding." Sweida S.

"The seminar was excellent. He was well prepared and knew the topics. The question sheets reallyy helped to better understand the topics presented. I didn't expect to receive this much information in just three days." Ned N.

"A really in depth experience which has made me feel more confident about Year 12. " Aria G.

" has put my brain into school mode early so perhaps I will have a head start at the beginnig of term." Shelini H.

"The seminars helped my way of thinking for year 12. I am no longer stressing and am prepared for the year ahead." Emily T.

"There's no shame in getting ahead." Georgina A.

"The seminar was a fantastic way to start off the year with confidence and understanding before even starting classes." Edwina L.

"Program was excellent, exactly what I wanted / expected. Very organised and well structured." Jade P.

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