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5 Sessions of 3 hours each....For MAXIMUM benefit it is recommended that all 5 sessions are attended.


Week 1 Mon Sep 28 - Fri Oct 2: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm  
Week 2 Mon Oct 5 - Fri Oct 9: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm NO VACANCIES!!

Day 1.  Introduction to Psychology and Social Cognition:  Attitude structure & function, social comparison & impressions. 
Day 2.  Learning: Classical, operant and observational learning. Application to personal  & social issues, ethics and investigation designs.
Day 3.  Personality: Psychodynamic, humanistic, trait concepts of personality.  Application to personal & social issues, ethics & investigation designs.

Day 4.  Psychobiology of Altered States of Awareness: Circadian rhythms. Sleep patterns. Psychological & physiological  arousal. Stress & effect on health. Principles concerning altered state  of awareness. Application to social issues. Healthy Minds: What is a healthy mind? Experiences, events &  interventions. Social issues & personal growth.  Methods of Investigation. Ethical Issues. 
Day 5. e-exam preparation. Real time trial exam practice online. Complete explanations, solutions & strategies provided for mock practice e-exam.
All students will need to bring their laptop on Day 5. 

Seminar Leader:  Ms Laura Whalan B Psych B Ed
Laura has been teaching Stage 1 and Stage 2 Psychology for many years.
In 2019 Laura achieved an amazing 100% success rate with all of her Year 12
cohort achieving A or B grades!
In addition, Laura is a SACE Exam marker and has a passion for teaching Psychology.



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