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Modern History

The Modern History Fundamentals Booklet is ESSENTIAL for any student studying the course because it provides a comprehensive coverage of the course expectations with useful ideas, examples and practical approaches. Current teaching practices and those used for over 45 years to successfully teach a generation of Modern History students, will aid any student aiming to improve their grades.

Detailed approaches to Sources Analysis, Thematic Studies, Depth Studies and Research Essays are provided.

Students are able to experience a range of easy to follow hints and examples from past exam questions and guidelines. The examiners comments on question types will provide valuable ideas for any student who wants to achieve highly.

The concluding section provides excellent content summaries for revision purposes.



Section 1:  Introduction                                                  Pages 2 - 24

Section 2:  Sources Analysis                                            Pages 25 - 55

Section 3:  Thematic Studies                                           Pages 56 - 64

Section 4:  Depth Studies                                                Pages 65 - 81

Section 5:  Individual Research Essay                               Pages 82 - 89

Section 6:  Essay Analysis                                               Pages 90 - 98

Section 7:  Exam Preparation Techniques                          Pages 99 - 120

Section 8:  Content – Key Topics                                      Pages 121 - 154

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