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12 Legal Studies

Mon 11 - Wed 13 January
9.30am - 12.30pm

Day 1. The Australian Legal System.
Day 2. Constitutional Government.
Day 3. Lawmaking. Justice Systems (CPT Discussion).
Essay Writing Skills specific to Legal Studies will be examined throughout the programme. 

Seminar Leader: Mr Matthew Williams BA BE
Matt has been teaching Stage 1 and Stage 2 Legal Studies for over 10 years and is a member of the Legal Education Teachers’s Association of SA. 
Matt’s passion for the subject has generated numerous 20’s for his students over the years. 


 "Very informative, in an easy to understand form." Karen

"I am so confident now. I don't think I would have been feeling this way if it wasn't for these seminars." Cherie

"If you want a good mark for year 12 go to AEC." Henry

"Excellent seminars. I found them to be worth while. I couldn't have done it with out it." Sarah

"The seminars are extremely useful going into Year 12 and really do give you a Headstart to the year". B. Benassi

"Excellent teachers - glad I made the effort." L. McKee

"It was informative and covered necessary topics well. Easy to understand language. Would come back again, worth it. Recommend it for everyone." Amy R.

"It was a great seminar and I learnt a lot about the topics coming up in the year. It exceeded my expectations. The seminar was great. The powerpoint used clarified the ideas which he was trying to present." Ned N.

"Everything far exceeded expectations." M. May 

"How much would you pay for an advantage? This is well worth it." Corey B.

"Excellent for revision of Stage 1 and prepares you for year 12." Dione J. 



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