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IB Physics SL & HL

IB HL and SL Physics

Mon 5 Oct - Thu 8 Oct
1.30 pm - 4.30 pm

These sessions only cover core topics and are suitable for both SL and HL students.
These topics will be covered thoroughly in four days.
Each session will be a combination of theory presentation and methods of problem solving.

Day 1: Topic 2: Mechanics

  • 2.1 Motion
  • 2.2 Forces
  • 2.3 Energy
  • 2.4 momentum and Impulse

Day 2: Topic 2 & 6: Mechanics (cts)

  • Problem solving continues
  • 6.1 Circular motion
  • 6.2 Newton’s law of gravitation

Day 3: Topic 5: Electromagnetism

  • 5.1 Electric fields
  • 5.2 Electric current
  • 5.3 Electric cells
  • 5.4 magnetic fields

 Day 4: Topic 7: Atomic, Nuclear & Particle Physics

  • 7.1 Discrete energy and radioactivity
  • 7.2 Nuclear Physics
  • 7.3 The structure of matter

Day 4 cont: Topic 3: Thermal Physics

  • 3.1 Thermal concepts
  • 3.2 Modelling a gas
  • 4.1 Waves
  • 8.1 Energy Production

 Seminar Leader: Ms Ashleigh Schofield BSc BEd
Ashleigh is an experienced IB and SACE Physics teacher at a leading independent school in South Australia.
In completing a double degree, Ashleigh won the Clare Corani Memorial Prize in Physics, awarded by the University to the highest achieving female Physics student. Ashleigh has taught in numerous schools in Australia and London.
Ashleigh's passion for the subject and her understanding of the IB Physics curriculum has enabled many of her students to achieve outstanding results.


"Incredibly useful!. So glad I was involved! Would recommend to everyone!" Ariane Pearce

"These seminar leaders really know their stuff!" Tash May

"Well taught. HIGHLY USEFUL!" Gabrielle

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