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11 Physics

Mon 28 Sep - Wed 30 Sep: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Topics 1 to 6 below prepare students for the end of year exam and for the study of Stage 2 Physics.

Day 1. Topic 1: Linear Motion and Forces

            Topic 2: Electric Circuits

Day 2. Topic 3: Heat

            Topic 4: Energy and Momentum

Day 3. Topic 5: Waves 

            Topic 6: Nuclear Models and Radioactivity.

Seminar Leader: Mr Trevor Molde MSc BSc Grad Dip Ed Admin Grad Dip Computing Grad Dip Instructional Uses Computers Dip Ed Dip T (Sec) MAIP.  
Trevor has over 40 years experience as a coordinator and teacher of Mathematics and Physics at Secondary level. 
Trevor is the co-author of a highly successful textbook and has been a SACE Board marking examiner for 20 years. 




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