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12,11 & 10 Study Skills

Mon 11 - Wed 13 January
1.30 pm - 4.30 pm


Dynamically presented by a past Year 12 teacher who has a passion for improving the learning capabilities of students, this programme has been responsible for turning around personal academic performances for thousands of students.

The course focuses on a range of topics designed to assist students in achieving their maximum potential and to learn more about the importance of complimenting their school year with sound study skills.

As with all of the courses at AEC, Feedback Sheets are issued to students at the conclusion of the programme. Students attending the Performance Plus course have consistently supported and endorsed the coverage of the following study skill units:

Day 1. Accelerated Learning Principles. Student Organisation Skills and Strategies. Managing technology use. 

Day 2. Time Management Techniques/Models. Student Goal Setting Strategies. Test and Exam Preparation Skills.  Memory Skill Development. Speed Reading Techniques.

Day 3. Student Motivation Techniques. Stress Management. Relaxation Techniques. Student Self Management Skills. Yoga for students.

Learn why note taking skills (traditional and electronic) are critical for long term memory development and memory recall.

Discover the different note taking styles used by successful Year 11 & 12 students. Determine your own learning style through our Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic testing programme.

Discover why these results have enormous implications for how you study at home and at school.

Discover the importance of determining your left and right hemispheric dominance and how this information will enhance your current study habits.

Analyse the different types of organisational tools successful students use throughout the year and in the lead up to trial and end of year exams. 

Discover how the Pareto principle will literally save you hours of wasted time. 

Learn to effectively balance sport, work and study responsibilities.

Discover the secret of successful Goal Setting and its potential impact on your school results and your life!

Having difficulty getting motivated? Explore the possible reasons and solutions for this challenging state.

Learn how to access the various levels of mental alertness and learn which “brain state” is the most appropriate for “absorption” of facts and figures.

Learn the top 20 specialised exam skills needed for exam success.

Discover why and where students continually lose marks in tests and exams. (Compiled by past and present SACE exam markers)

Learn how to deal with test and exam anxiety.

Discover the importance of stress management and its relationship with academic performance.

Learn how to use a range of relaxation techniques that will improve general health and concentration levels.

Learn how not to “burn out” in this important year.

Seminar Leader: Mr Greg Allison BA Dip Ed
A past senior Year 12 Teacher and Coordinator, Greg has been specializing in
academic excellence and personal development for over 30 years. His empathy for
and understanding of student concerns stems from hands on teaching experience in Adelaide’s Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern suburban High Schools and in Eyre Peninsula and Riverland High Schools. No stranger to success and motivation psychology, Greg has successfully coached sporting teams at State, National and International level and has represented South Australia on 33 and Australia on 9 occasions and is a current Australian Champion and a previous World Championship Bronze medallist.
Greg’s practical, no nonsense approach towards the many aspects of student performance has motivated and enhanced academic performance for thousands of students. His learning and motivation strategies have been recognized by training authorities overseas and interstate.


“Brilliant!...the best Study Skills presenter in Adelaide by miles.” J. Hillman

“Very inspirational for any Yr.12 student. Highly recommended.” J. Simmons

“10/10....This course should be compulsory for all Year 11-12’s.”A. Wilson

“It has inspired me to do my best and put in 100%.” L. Bajada

“Excellent seminar. Greg is very wise and is bringing much needed information to students.” Katie Kempe 

"Very informative, in an easy to understand form." Karen

"I am so confident now. I don't think I would have been feeling this way if it wasn't for these seminars." Cherie

"If you want a good mark for year 12 go to AEC." Henry

"Excellent seminars. I found them to be worth while. I couldn't have done it with out it." Sarah

"The seminars are extremely useful going into Year 12 and really do give you a Headstart to the year". B. Benassi

"Excellent teachers - glad I made the effort." L. McKee

"It was informative and covered necessary topics well. Easy to understand language. Would come back again, worth it. Recommend it for everyone." Amy R.

"It was a great seminar and I learnt a lot about the topics coming up in the year. It exceeded my expectations. The seminar was great. The powerpoint used clarified the ideas which he was trying to present." Ned N.

"Everything far exceeded expectations." M. May 

"How much would you pay for an advantage? This is well worth it." Corey B.

"Excellent for revision of Stage 1 and prepares you for year 12." Dione J. 

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